9 interior decorating ideas tagged marble splashback

Modernist Kitchens

Modernist Kitchens from Beta-Plus Publishing. Modern, contemporary, muted kitchens featuring bespoke natural materials. "From recently published “Belgian Modern”, the kitchen with stunning open book marble walls, fully integrated furniture and semi-transparent glass-work in one of the most beautiful examples of Belgian modernist architecture, Villa

Kitchen Trends for 2022

Kitchen Trends for 2022. We are seeing monochromatic palettes, white walls, Hamptons styles, minimalist styles, marble, wooden and tile chevron floorings and more. Monochrome and Palette Kitchen Trend 2022 The kitchen is the heart of the home, and when it comes to creating a

Grey Kitchen Painted in Mylands Drury Lane and Leadenhall

Grey Kitchen Painted in Mylands Drury Lane and Leadenhall by designer Crouch Design: + Furniture: Bespoke inframe shaker + Colour: Hand painted in Drury Lane & Leadenhall @mylands_london + Worktop: White Water & Ultra White @crlstone + Backsplash: Porcelain Callacatta booked matches tiles + Sinks &

Benjamin Moore Crisp Romaine Kitchen

Benjamin Moore's Crisp Romaine sets the stage for this moody Butler’s Pantry. Via James Thomas Interiors. "Filtered light in our "little kitchen that could". We gutted the kitchen in our vintage apartment and maximized every square inch in this color-drenched space, painting the custom